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DIANA COMMERCE LTD has set as their main goal the continuous improvement of the activities regarding environmental protection, maintenance and development of the implemented Environmental management system in compliance with the requirements of the Bulgarian State Standard EN ISO 14001:2005 by applying the relevant legal and normative requirements.
This policy aims at developing all activities, processes and products in an environmentally acceptable way by observing the following guiding principles:
  • Continuous improvement of the environmental protection by effective waste management
  • Accordance with the legal requirements about the environmental protection, concerning activities, processes and products of the organization and their aspects
  • Controlled resource usage – electric power
  • Reduction to minimum and if possible prevention from environmental pollution by adopting general and specific objectives and programmes
  • Monitoring and measuring of key characteristics of processes and activities with significant impact on the environment
  • Providing the necessary training and increasing the personal responsibility for environmental protection
  • Active cooperation with organizations for environmental control and all interested parties in solving the problems of environmental protection
The management of DIANA COMMERCE 1 LTD calls the employees of the organization to apply the principles and the requirements, resulting from the environmental policy and to proceed from them by setting the specific objectives.

The application of these principles and the personal responsibility of everyone for the environmental protection, as well as meeting the requirements, resulting from the implemented Environmental management system, is responsibility of all employees. The management of DIANA COMMERCE 1 LTD – Yambol takes the responsibility for the training and the motivation of the employees of the Organization, so that they understand and keep the present obligations and the applicable legal and other requirements that refer to their activity of ensuring healthy and safe working conditions.

All suppliers and contragents of the organization are called to take into consideration the declared in the policy commitments of the management for environment protection.
Сертификат за Система за управление на здравето и безопасността при работа

Certificate of Occupational Health and Safety Management System

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