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This reference is issued to construction company Diana Commerce 1 EOOD – Yambol in relation to the implementation of construction and repairing works, emergency and reinforcement activities for the object: “Sandakchievata kashta”- Melnik town under the contract for construction and installation works and maintenance as of 02.03.2012.

The company Diana Commerce 1 EOOD fulfilled all types of reinforcement and rehabilitation construction works by strictly observation of the technical project of the building approved by the National Institute of Immovable Cultural Heritage. There were no deviations from the design documentation. The Contractor maintained a constant contact with the Contracting authority, BTC AD and design team during the works, allowing carrying out timely quality control on performed construction and repairing activities.

The company is working on a predetermined schedule and did not allow delay in the deadline provided in the contract. Diana Commerce 1 EOOD uses modern equipment and technology, highly qualified managerial and executive personnel in its construction and installation activity.

The construction and installation works were carried out with high quality on time thanks to the good organization and excellent coordination between specialized units in accordance with the laws and requirements of the Contracting authority.

BTC AD provides an excellent evaluation of the work of Diana Commerce 1 EOOD, considering it as a reliable, highly qualified and correct business partner.
Sofia Airport EAD issues this reference to Diana Commerce 1 EOOD stating that in the period of June – July 2012 it was a Contractor of construction and installation works of object: Dismantling of existing concrete collector set on the sill 27 of old runway, the current main way for taxiing H and construction of a new one.

Brief description of the object: Ist category according to Art. 137, Par. 1 of TPA and Art. 2, Par. 1, P. 5 in conjunction with Art. 3 of Regulation No. 1 / 2003 of Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works.
Construction is repair and rehabilitation of existing concrete collector set a sill of 27 old runway, the main way for taxiing "H". Were implemented by the project following activities:
  • Dismantling of existing concrete pavement, removing covers and cut part of the walls of the collector.
  • Dismantling of old cables and cleaning the bed of the existing collector.
  • Installation of 6 new corrugated pipes ø 160 with the same concrete layer by layer.
  • Implemented new pieces are two shafts with reinforced concrete caps on both sides of the collector beyond the IP.
  • A new concrete slab has a thickness of 16 cm / 30 in concrete and steel A III / to replace the old plate.
  • Milling and re-asphalting the area above the collector - 2 layers are made at 6 cm thick asphalt type "A" - E 1200 MPa.
DIANA COMMERCE EOOD fulfilled strictly and with quality its obligations on a good technical and professional level in compliance with the requirements of the technical specification and all legal norms. The company is a reliable partner and it works with competence and professionalism in the performance of their duties protecting the interests of the Employer. Diana Commerce 1 EOOD contributed to quality and timely execution of the construction works with its timely and responsible actions..

Executive Director: Veselin Neykov
The Regional Governor of Yambol region in his capacity as a Contracting authority under contract No. FC 0404/009 as of 24.02.2012 gives this reference to the company Diana Commerce 1 EOOD – Yambol relating to the implementation of public procurement with subject „Restoring walls of checkpoint Lesovo – Hamzabeyli, Lesovo village, Elhovo municipality, Yambol region.

The site is first category under the Law of Territory Planning.
Construction and installation works are completed with a high quality, on time and in accordance with the requirements of the Contracting Authority and the laws of Republic of Bulgaria.
All necessary acts and documentation concerning the performance of the object and its valuation is done correctly and submitted on time.
The company Diana Commerce 1 EOOD has and uses by the implementation of the object a modern equipment and highly qualified workers and technicians.
In view the correctness of Diana Commerce 1 EOOD in contractual relations with Regional Governor of Yambol region and the quality of completed construction works, the company is a preferred partner in the construction works.

Regional Governor of Yambol region: DIMITAR IVANOV
Perfektion, Genauigkeit, Kommunikation, Vertrauen, Zuverlassigkeit ... und das alles aus einer Hand! So prasentiert sich fur uns das Bauunternehmen Diana Komerce Ltd aus Yambol.

Wir sind froh und glucklich daruber, bei der Durchfuhrung unseres Traumes - dem Bau unseres Hauses - einen solch exzellenten und herausragenden Partner gefunden zu haben. Obwohl wir als Auftraggeber tausende von Kilometern entfernt waren, arbeiteten die Auftragnehmer des Unternehmens stets prazise und qualitativ.

Wir wunschen allen Mitarbeitern, Geschaftsfuhrern, leitenden In-genieuren und Technikern sowie Partnerunternehmen auch in Zukunft die Kraft und Moglichkeit, die Servicequalitat auf solch hohem Niveau halten zu konnen!

In ehrenvoller Dankbarkeit:
Familie Spallek, Munchen, Deutschland.
In 2003 Diana Commerce Ltd. completed construction assembly works of building object "Processing company for production of fruit and vegetable tinned goods" Industrial zone, town of Yambol.

The company pointed the lowest prices, minimum terms of delivery execution and maximum terms for the executed kinds of construction assembly works. The object has been completed within the framework of terms negotiated and with an excellent quality.

During the construction process the Executor has been in regular contact with the Investor, which helped for the opportune solving of problems arising in the working process.

Diana Commerce Ltd. has approved name of a constructor, executing perfectly its contract obligations.

Diana Commerce Ltd. is a reliable partner for a teamwork.

Manager: Svetoslav Pidaev
In 2001 Diana Commerce Ltd. completed a new construction of "Finlandia" hotel complex in Pamporovo Complex.

The hotel complex has three restaurants, indoor swimming pool, one tavern and three meeting halls with an all out built - up area of 8 250 sq.m.

Duration of construction assembly works - 6 months.

The object has been executed according to an architectue project without any remarks and within the terms negotiated.

The company has shown a great experience in organizing and executing construction works, it has all needed construction technical equipment and qualified workers.

Perelik JSC considers Diana Commerce Ltd. as a reliable partner in construction and gives an excellent valuation of the work completed.

Executive director: Ivan Terziev
Medika JSC - town of Sandanski gives the present recommendation to Diana Commerce Ltd., in connection with a newly set up enterprise for production of hard medicinal forms - town of Sandanski.

The construction assembly works were started in October, 2002 and were finished in May, 2003.

The following kinds of construction assembly works have been completed: earth works, concrete works, shuttering works, metal constructions, plankings, joinery works, delivery and assembly of "Sandwich" type panels - special for pharmacological industry, electro, W and S, W and S installations, intelligent systems and technologies.

The construction works have been completed with a high quality and within the terms provided in the contract.

The Executor has been in a regular contact with the Investor and the supervisor, which allowed to accomplish an opportune quality control on the execution of various CAW.

The company has worked according to prepared in advance schedules in weeks and months and has not allowed a delay in terms, provided in them.

Diana Commerce Ltd. has a great experience in the construction works organizing and execution. It has all needed technical equipment and a qualified technical and working personnel, necessary for the contemporary construction.

Medika JSC - Sandanski gives an excellent valuation of the executed by the company CAW and considers it as a reliable partner in construction.

Executive director: Y. Rizova
Within the frame of a project according to PHARE programme BG 0005.04 "Reform for children prosperity raising" Ministry of finances has concluded agreements for social order assigning for construction assembly works accomplishment in pilot institutions for the needs of Ministry of finances and social policy with Diana Commerce Ltd.

The company has needed technical and human resources. Its work is known by a high quality execution of construction assembly works in new construction accomplishment as well as in execution of repair and finishing works.

The objects are executed within the frames of terms negotiated.

During the construction process Diana Commerce Ltd. has been in a regular contact with the ASSIGNER and the BENEFICIARY, which has helped for opportune solving of problems arising in the working process.

Diana Commerce Ltd. is a reliable partner in a team work.

Director: Vladimir Valchev

Recommendation from family Spallek, Munich

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