January 8, 2013

On 10.01.2013, at 11h, in the meeting room of DIANA COMMERCE will take place the start of the project “Partners for future development and sustainable employment – qualification services and training of the employees at Diana commerce – 1 LTD, Aquagroup-Hit LTD and CO and CO LTD, funded by a grant under operational programme “Human Resources Development” № ЕSF-2116-02-10003.

November 9, 2012

Diana Commerce received the statuette “The Column of Omurtag” for this year, as it was ranked first in the category “High Construction”.

December 16, 2010

"Diana Commerce" was awarded in the category "Company with the best economic performance" in the contest “Investor of the Year 2010 from Region of Yambol”. Through the contest are awarded the companies with a contribution to the development of the region whilst the year.

October 26, 2010

The Bulgarian Construction Chamber awarded the construction company Diana Commerce with the prize “The Column of Omurtag” and with the Ist prize in the annual ranking for 2010 in the category “High Construction”.
iso-9001 Diana Commerce has successfully cleared the certification in ISO 9001, an evidence of quality of services, use of modern materials and implementing innovations in building technologies.



„…Being among the first private companies, a member of the Regional Chamber of Construction companies in Bulgaria, Diana Commerce showed power in construction works. We, as an investor, give an excellent valuation of the activities performed by the company..."

Supreme Administrative Court
„…Diana Commerce activity is known by a highquality execution of construction assembly works in new construction of buildings, as well as in performance of repair and finishing works".

Ministry of Finance
„…The company applies new methods in repair works execution. Excellent work organization and performance, set up by the management of Diana Commerce resulted in completion of the construction 2 months ahead of schedule and with perfect quality."

Bourgas Prosecutor’s Office of Appeal
„Diana Commerce has an approved reputation of a constructor, honouring perfectly its contract obligations."

Statko Ltd, Yambol